Info and graphics

This week’s assignment was to design an infographic. This was one of the more frustrating projects, simply because there was more to tweak and edit and change over and over and over. I think Shane probably got annoyed by all the versions I sent him. (The first I sent him he responded “…yea” when I asked “Is this terrible?”) Brutal honesty helped because I started over completely, but I am happy with the end result.

My topic for the semester is about homelessness, inspired by my time interning at Triune Mercy Center. It will be more specifically how organizations, like Triune, are trying to end homelessness, rather than encourage it. This means focusing more on programs like low-income housing, job training, and  rehab. For the infographic, I chose to give the simple facts about homelessness (who, what, when, and where) in South Carolina, but also include information about why they are homeless, in order to start thinking about what we can do to end this epidemic.

So, without further ado. I hope you aren’t as harsh as Shane!


My fonts are Blackout (Midnight and 2AM) and Helvetica Neue (different variations). The images came from Google image searches on Creative Commons. The Information came from The National Coalition for the Homeless, The South Carolina Coalition for the Homeless, and United Housing Connections.


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