New and Improved.

After our discussion of graphic design and Bethany’s useful (but probably incredibly too kind) critique of my work, I went back to my business cards and worked to improve my originals.

Luckily, the more professional business card seemed to fit well with the opinions of classmates, Professor Price, and Goodman’s tips in the graphic design book. I did change the placement of some of the text to fit better in the grid system. I used Clothed in Love, a non-profit I started in high school, for this card; this was helpful because I already had an idea in mind from our text, color, and logo. But, this project made me realize it was somewhat outdated, so I chose to make it more modern. Here is the final product:

Clothed in Love BC Clothed in Love BC back

For my more fun card, I had no direction in mind before I started. So, it was very helpful to get feedback from Professor Price in class and Bethany on the blog. Professor Price suggested I add the logo to the back of the card, where I previously just had a graphic pattern. I couldn’t make that work together because of the busyness of the pattern, so I chose to take a new approach. I used a more simple, watercolor background on both sides of the card, and did add my logo to the side without information. I also changed some of the font colors to bring more unity. And lastly, I changed the order of my information (phone number, email, website) which created more of a flow that brought attention to the logo in the opposite corner. Here is the final product:

Watercolor Business Card Back Watercolor Business Card


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