World of Business and Design?

The World of Business is not one I particularly have any experience in, and until recently, have even seen myself as a part of in the future. However, as I have thought more about my passions and how I can best serve the world with them, my mind has been opened to a whole realm of possibilities in the business world. Norman focuses on Design in the World of Business and what that looks like for the products being designed and those who design them.

Norman starts by recognizing the Constraints of Design in the Business World:

  1. Competitive Forces
    • Price, features, and quality
    • Zeitgeist: spirit of the time, competition could steal the thunder with their own products
    • Featuritis: companies tempted to keep adding new features but it clutters and complicates
  2. New Technologies Force Change
    • Today we have new requirements for our devices than we used to
    • Fundamentally, needs don’t change but technology does
    • We are asking for more and more, but still want it to be usable and simple
    • “Technology is a powerful driver for change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes to fulfill important needs, and sometimes simply because the technology makes the change possible.” (Norman, 268).
  3. Time
    • Technology changes rapidly, but people change slowly
    • Cycle for new products: fast to be invented, slow to be accepted, even slower to fade away

Two Forms of Innovation:

  1. Incremental:
    • Natural, slow, evolution process
    • Small changes, incremental
    • Continual testing and refinement
    • Problem areas are slowly discovered and modified
    • Hill Climbing: climbing a hill blindfolded, take one step at a time and see if it works
  2. Radical: 
    • Radical new developments
    • Major changes
    • Starts fresh, often driven by new technologies that makes possible new capabilities
    • Reconsideration of meaning of technology

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