Let’s Get Down to Business (Cards)

In high school, I would sit in front of the computers in room 222 for hours, adjusting colors and fonts and the tiniest, minute details on the Yearbook spread that no one else would ever notice. But I would. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist, which comes out in full force when designing a yearbook spread or, so I discovered, a business card. For this week’s assignment, we were asked to design two business cards. The first should be able to be used for a more traditional workplace setting, while the second was intended to be more fun. This was one of my favorite projects so far, because I am a fan of graphic design and love playing around with these types of things. Here is my first, designed for the non-profit I founded and now lead. I wanted it to be simple, but effective in displaying the information. I repeated the logo to unify the front and back and used the colors and fonts to separate sections of text. [Fonts: Janda Stylish Script and Adele.] Front: Clothed in Love BC Back:Clothed in Love BC back This is the second, less traditional/ more fun card. I had less information to display on this card, so I chose to use a graphic background rather than having any words on the back. The background is a wallpaper found here on Spoonflower. The logo (ct) is simply my initials intertwined and using a dot font. [Fonts: Raleway Dots and Latin Modern Roman] Front: Fun business card Back:Fun business card back


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