the final product…

All my work from a whole semester (and more) in one simple website link.

Here it is:

Hope you enjoy!


It’s all about you

We live in a different world than our parents did. Our parents’ parents struggle to adjust to a world where the digital screen is becoming more important than face-to-face interaction. But, there is a struggle on the other side of that issue. Companies and designers are struggling to make that digital screen effective and accessible to a wider range of people. But what really matters?

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The Magic of Editing

I keep telling my editors, if you win an award for editing, I won’t work with you anymore. Your editing shows. –Louis Malle

Osgood and Hinshaw begin one of the first sections of The Aesthetics of Editing with this quote, and it has totally reshaped the way I view this process. Most types of art seem to desire attention, artists create so that someone will notice. However, editing is completely different. Editing is a process that should enhance the work without making new work or distracting from what is already there.

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